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“ACTIVE BIRTH is not new. It is simply a way of describing how women the world over have always behaved during labour and birth throughout history” — Janet Balaskas  ‘New Active Birth’

What is Active Birthing?

Active Birthing is the name given to natural birth techniques that rely on movements and positions to ease through the process of labour. The Mother is ‘actively’ using her body, her movements and gravity, as nature intended. The Mother is also encouraged to activate her natural hormonal physiology (oxytocin). These elements create an environment of empowerment, confidence and wisdom.

There are many advantages of Active Birthing over the general medical model (lying down on your back on a bed):-

  • more control over your body, which gives a greater sense of control over the birth process
  • this in turn creates a calmer mindset
  • shorter labours – gravity and body shape are used to speed up the process
  • less painful contractions
  • more connection to the natural processes, which leads to a deeper connection with your baby

How can I learn more about Active Birthing?

Many Maternity Units around the country are introducing ‘Active Birth Sessions’ into their pre-natal care packages. Private providers, like myself, also offer Birth Preparation Workshops that go into greater detail about Active and Natural Birth techniques.

If you can’t get to a class, I have created an Active Birth Guide, a 43 page manual of all the techniques, information and wisdom I have accumulated over 17 years of teaching Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation classes. This can be the perfect alternative to work through with your Birth Partner. Click on the button below for more details.


This 43 page PDF Ebook will guide you through the theory of labour, how it unfolds and what to expect. Then tried and tested practical techniques will be given for an Active Birth, showing how to ease your way throgh all Three Stages of Labour. Click on the Product Page for full content details. Includes an audio file on Birthing Breaths.


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