Do you have any Fears about giving birth?
Are you Worried about how you will manage in Labour?
Does your Birth Partner feel out of their depth?

Then this half day Birth Preparation workshop is for you…….

FREE 10 Minute Guided Visualisation

Listen to this short relaxation audio with a guided visualisation to create your ideal birth.

Discover in detail the mechanics of Labour, how it progresses from Stage to Stage.  What will happen.

Recognise how you will know when Labour has started.

Learn why Relaxation is important and take home some simple techniques to use before and during Labour.

Understand why Movement and Breath are fundamental to an easier birth.

Practice and learn Movements, Postures and Birthing Breaths to make your labour easier and quicker.

Learn supportive Birth Partner massage techniques to reduce pain.

Discuss any concerns and worries in a friendly, informative environment.

This Birth Education workshop will give you all the knowledge and practical techniques you need, and much much more……

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Date: November tbc either Saturday or Sunday

Time: 9.30am to 1.30pm

Venue: Barton under Needwood Village Hall

Cost per Couple: £65 includes 42 page Active Birth Guide

Active Birth Guide

What is a Birth Preparation Workshop?

The Workshop is a perfect blend of practical and theoretical knowledge. Your own personal fears and worries will be listened to, discussed, and then transformed into an empowered understanding of how you can birth your baby gently and with ease.

The Session is designed with the Birth Partner (Husband, Partner, Sister, Mother, or whoever will be your support person) as the focus. It is a training ground for them to grow into the role of a confident, comfortable, knowledgeable, caring and pro-active Birth Partner.  This is the perfect practical Birth Preparation training.

After discussing and reviewing what we know about Labour, we begin to put some of the theory and practical tools into place:-

•  Discussing in detail the 3 Stages of Labour from the early indications of labour through to the delivery of the placenta.

•  Discussing the journey of the baby through the birth canal, the importance of Optimum Foetal Positioning and the design of the Female Pelvis.

•  Practicing and learning useful breathing techniques for Labour

•  Looking at how to position the body to make the best use of gravity

•  Practicing various positions and movements that can improve the dilation of the cervix and also assist the birthing process.

•  Practicing using a Birthing Ball for pregnancy comfort and for labour.

•  Learing simple massage techniques to support and help the Mother during the last month of pregnancy and also for pain relief during Labour.

•  Understanding the importance of relaxation on the progress of labour and learning a simple relaxation technique.

Workshop Information

You’ll find it more beneficial to attend a workshop once you are 30+ weeks into your pregnancy.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a Birthing Ball, Yoga Mat, Pillow and a Snack. If you don’t have a Birthing Ball, please let me know and I will bring a spare one.

Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.  Please bring a light snack for the break.

Active Birth Guide

Download Only

If you are unable to attend the Birth Workshop, an alternative is to download the Active Birth Guide, which forms the basis of the live training.

This 43 page PDF Ebook will guide you through the theory of labour, how it unfolds and what to expect. Then tried and tested practical techniques are given for an Active Birth, showing how to ease your way through all Three Stages of Labour. Click on the Product Page for full content details. Includes an audio file on Birthing Breaths.

Birth Partner
Birth Preparation Workshop
Birth Preparation and Education
Birth Preparation Workshop

“Thank you for the birthing class & every bit of advice during the sessions.  It was totally priceless to me and I cannot believe how powerful my mind and body were.” Elly

“The breathing, massaging and upright positions you taught were invaluable and got me through the hardest part no doubt about it. I will recommend the Birthing Workshop to everyone!” Emma

“I can’t thank you enough for how much your yoga coaching helped especially in the first stages of labour, physically and mentally!” Rebecca

“Whilst at home I put into practice all the things you’d taught us – breathing through the contractions on all fours, swaying my hips. In between I tried to walk about. It helped to know what to do, and it kept me fairly calm. I think I’d have panicked otherwise.”  Helen 

“I used the birthing ball throughout early labour and leant over it at the end to deliver baby. The yoga positions and breathing you taught us definitely ensured that I had a quick and controlled labour.”  Laura

“James and I started doing some of the active birth movement we learned in your workshops – James was really in his element in his role of ‘birth manager’ and was fantastic – lots of hip circles, leaning over the birth ball and ocean, ha and bee breaths! James and I continued with the massage, moves and breathing techniques and I think they really helped focus my mind and distract from the some of the pain. I don’t think he would have been able to do this had he not gone to the birthing workshop. ” Kyla

“My ocean and ha breath really helped through all these contractions and kept me calm. Chris was perfect at the massages while I was contracting(definitely recommend the active birth workshop for all husbands!)” Gemma

“Thanks to the Classes and Birth Workshop, I felt really well informed on what to expect and much calmer about how to approach induction and labour, which made the whole experience much more enjoyable than I ever thought it would be. We now have a beautiful baby boy and (despite the sleepless nights) we couldn’t be happier! THANK YOU!” Karen

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