Emma and Hilda – First Time Labour in just over 7.5 hours!

“Hope you are well. Sorry it’s taken me a few days to contact you about my birth story but here goes……..

I went for my routine 40+6 midwife appointment at 10am on Tuesday 24th Jan, midwife informed me I was 2-3cm dilated and shouldn’t be waiting too much longer. We left the appointment feeling reassured as we were quite impatient already with being 6 days overdue. We went for some brunch at about 10.45 before my husband Tom had to go back to work at lunchtime. We arrived home at around 11.30 where I was literally pottering about in the kitchen when all of a sudden I felt this strange sensation which felt like an almighty kick from baby, but the more I thought about it I realised it was a pop inside! And I quickly discovered my waters had broken as they began leaking quite a bit very quickly.

Fortunately Tom hadn’t left the house to go back to work so I phoned the birthing centre at the Hospital and they told me not to rush but to make my way in. I got my things together but within 15 mins I was getting quite strong contractions, they sped up so quickly by the time we got to Derby I was hanging onto the door handle of the car! I was using Ha breath a lot at this point and it came in very useful. Tom was great and kept reminding me to breathe! I went straight to a birthing room and Tom brought my things into me including ball etc. I was hip circling and felt most comfortable on all fours during my contractions, the sacral back massage was also amazing throughout! At about 12.30 the midwives examined me and said I was about 5cm. The contractions were coming thick and fast at this point, I was managing just by breathing through them and moving around the room using all of the different movements you taught us!

I went into the pool shortly after and stayed in for a good couple of hours, I got the urge to push after about 2 hours in the pool and was only using some gas and air at this point. Frustratingly the midwives were struggling to monitor me at the 15 min intervals and were concerned babies heart rate had dropped so I did have to get out of the pool for them to double check. They confirmed the heart rate was lower which prevented me getting back into the pool so sadly I did end up on a bed but did most of my pushing on my knees leant up on the bed before I did have to turn on my back for the very last part as they gave me a very small episiotomy!

But after 7.5 hours we welcomed our beautiful daughter Hilda into the world at 7.34pm weighing 7lb 7oz. She is just perfect and we are feeling very blessed. The breathing, massaging and upright positions you taught were invaluable and got me through the hardest part no doubt about it. I will recommend pregnancy yoga to everyone as well as the birthing workshop.

Good luck to all the yoga mamas due soon, it’s an incredible experience and made bearable by knowing how to handle those painful contractions!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon with Hilda at baby yoga!”