Is it the hormones? Is the extra fluid? Is it the extra metabolic activity?

Whatever it is, you are going to find yourself overheating at some point. If you are in your Third Trimester during the summer months, or if you live in a hot climate – you are going to need some tools to cope. This is a cheeky little breath technique that the ancient yogis used. It isĀ a little strange so you might not want to do it on the bus, in the office or in the cafe. But it DOES work. And because it’s a conscious breathing technique, it will also induce calm and relaxation at the same time. Job Done!
Living here in the chilly UK I must say it was never an issue for me. You can still find me wearing a cardigan in the height of our famous British ‘summers’! But I know some Mums really do struggle when it gets warm, so I hope this helps. How do you cope when you start to overheat? Have you got any great tips to share? Leave your comments in the section below.