Pregnancy One-to-One

If you can’t get to a class.

If you prefer to receive individual support.

If you want more than just Yoga or NCT.

Private Classes may be perfect for you.

Your Personalised Session

Each Session will be tailor made to your requirements.

We can work with the physical aches of pregnancy, design your birth plan, relax away your anxieties, turn a breech baby – the possibilities are endless.


Feel confident that I have got you covered. With over 16 years of experience in pregnancy specialised yoga, massage, reflexology, birth education and post natal care, I can support you in so many ways.

Mama, Birth & Baby One-to-One Sessions

While the general Pregnancy Yoga classes are a great way to meet other news mums, and get confident and inspired about your birth, private sessions can offer you a more rounded experience of what you need on a personal level.

I have had 16 years of experience working with pregnant and post-natal women, their partners, and their babies. I have a range of skills that I can co-opt into our sessions, so that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

You session can be made up of:-

Pregnancy Yoga – ease out your aches, strengthen your pelvic girdle muscles, and get relief from most of the common conditions of pregnancy.

Birth Preparation Theory – understand the process of labour and what you can do to make it easier. Design your birth plan.

Birth Preparation Practical – learn a range of breathing techniques and movements that will give you more control, make labour quicker and easier.

Relaxation – include a sumptuous Yoga Nidra (relaxation) in your session to help you sleep, relax mind and body.

Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction – I can offer a dedicated session that will help to alleviate this uncomfortable condition and prevent it deteriorating.

Turning Breech Babies – I have a good success rate with breech babies. This session is a combination of yoga movements and reflexology.

How Does it Work?

You can book a FREE consultation by phone to see if we can work together, and to discuss your needs. 

You then book your session with me.

The first session will start with an in-depth discussion of your personal needs, what you want from your session and any other relevant information. If you want to carry out some of the practices at home, I can write out a comprehensive plan for you.

I can come to your home, (within a one hour radius of DE13 8LE) or you can come to the Barton-under-Needwood venue. I can be flexible with our meetings – you can have a regular weekly session, occasional or ad hoc bookings, or a one off as needed.

You can also book private sessions for a small group (home visit only).

One-to-One Pregnancy Sessions


Currently all One-to-One sessions will be taking place via online video conference facilities.

FREE initial consultation by phone or video call to see if we can work together and discuss your needs. 

ONLINE PRICE:  £35 per hour


Top Ten Essentials for a calmer, easier natural birth

I’ve been working with Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birthing for over 16 years, and in that time I’ve collected a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and successful techniques both from the Midwives and the Mamas that I’ve worked with. I would love to share all this with you. SUBSCRIBE to the Mama, Birth & Baby Newsletter and receive our free 25 page guide on BIRTH ESSENTIALS, and find out the TOP TEN things you need to know and do to prepare for the birth of your Baby.

Happy Yoga Mamas….

“The breathing, massaging and upright positions you taught were invaluable and got me through the hardest part no doubt about it. I will recommend Pregnancy Yoga to everyone, as well as the Birthing Workshop.”


“I’d like to thank you for the classes as even after 3 previous babies and two home births I felt much more prepared this time for labour and birth. I could hear your advice about hip circles and breathing right at the peak of my contractions and by listening to your advice had a really controlled and text book birth experience!”


“I can’t thank you enough for how much your yoga coaching helped especially in the first stages of labour, physically and mentally. You’re an inspiration and have helped me loads during my pregnancy and during the birth, thank you.”


“Thank you so much for everything you taught me at Yoga in preparation for the Birth. It was the most useful antenatal class I attended!”


“My husband credits the Yoga again for helping me to stay calm, focused and strong during labour. So thank you!”


“I honestly think your Yoga Classes helped me to have a natural and relatively calm birth experience that I’ll never forget. Thank you!”


We really can’t thank you enough for everything you taught us, and for reassuring me though my fears and worries. I feel it was because of this we had such an amazing, positive birth experience”.


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