A deeply relaxing foot massage treatment

Ideal for pregnancy related ailments

Helps with Birth Preparation

Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive way of working through the niggles of pregnancy.  It consists of firm but gentle pressure and movements on the soles, insteps and tops of the feet. It is deeply relaxing and you will probably fall asleep.

It helps to balance the hormones of pregnancy, and is particularly useful to help with backache, symphysis pubis dysfunction, breech babies, swelling, anxiety and preparing the body for labour.

Reflexology treatments are safe in all stages of pregnancy, and most Mums-to-be find it helps most during the Third Trimester.

Reflexology Benefits in Pregnancy

Deeply Relaxing

Reflexology is incredible soothing. It can helps with any anxiety, sleeplessness and stress. Take an hour out for yourself to deeply relax. You may even fall asleep during the session!

Relieves Aches & Pains

Pressure applied to particular reflexes can help to ease the nervous response of pain and aching. The session targets the associated reflex to bring balance and ease.

Lymphatic Drainage

Swelling, or oedema, is very common in pregnancy and can become really uncomfortable. This session drains excess fluid and will ensure you can get your shoes on afterwards!

Turning Breech Babies

There is a specific point on the foot used by reflexologists and acupuncturists that can encourage a breech baby to turn. This session includes some physical movement to assist the turning.

Labour Priming

The labour priming session ensures the Endocrine System is working optimally and energises the pelvis and abdomen. The whole system becomes primed and ready for labour. To be done on and after your due date only.

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