Despite classes now returning back to in-person venues, I have not been able to resume in my previous venue, so unfortunately at this time I am unable to restart these classes.

I am currently only able to offer ONLINE one-to-one classes.

Please click below for details and prices.

See typical Class Content HERE.

It is recommended to attend classes after 14 weeks gestation. If you aren’t quite there yet, CLICK HERE for some techniques and information you can get started on.

Mama, Birth & Baby Pregnancy Yoga Classes

You are probably aware of the physical and emotional benefits of yoga.

Calm Mind.    Healthy Strong Body.

These are even more important during pregnancy.

Yoga allows you to be connected. To be fully aware of your body, and of your baby. It is this connection, forged gently and subconsciously over time, that allows you to birth lightly.

Our Pregnancy Yoga class will keep your body healthy, stretch out all your aches and pains, and give you tools and techniques to prepare you fully for birth. These classes can help you overcome any fears you may have of giving birth.

Mama, Birth & Baby Classes are held in Barton-under-Needwood, and are easily accessible from Lichfield, Burton-on-Trent, Tamworth, Derby and Rugeley. They are suitable for everyone, whether you have done any Yoga before or if you are a complete beginner.

During the classes,  I’ll be giving lots of information, along with advice on topics such as Optimum Foetal Positioning – essential for getting your baby into the correct position for labour; taking care of your perineum to avoid tearing; how to use a Birthing Ball for pregnancy and labour;  and sharing the experiences of the other Mums who have taken this journey. Hearing the weekly Birth Stories is often a highlight of the classes. You can read some of their stories HERE.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

More than just a Yoga Class…..

Stretch out all the aches and pains in your joints, your hips, your back ……

Birth Preparation

Prepare for your Birth with helpful tried and tested techniques, knowledge and support…….

Relaxation for Pregnancy

Relax away all the stress of working and everyday life, and help prepare for a calm & easy labour

Top Ten Essentials for a calmer, easier natural birth

I’ve been working with Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birthing for over 15 years, and in that time I’ve collected a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and successful techniques both from the Midwives and the Mamas that I’ve worked with. I would love to share all this with you. SUBSCRIBE to the Mama, Birth & Baby Newsletter and receive our free 25 page guide on BIRTH ESSENTIALS, and find out the TOP TEN things you need to know and do to prepare for the birth of your Baby.

Happy Yoga Mamas….

“The breathing, massaging and upright positions you taught were invaluable and got me through the hardest part no doubt about it. I will recommend Pregnancy Yoga to everyone, as well as the Birthing Workshop.”


“I’d like to thank you for the classes as even after 3 previous babies and two home births I felt much more prepared this time for labour and birth. I could hear your advice about hip circles and breathing right at the peak of my contractions and by listening to your advice had a really controlled and text book birth experience!”


“I can’t thank you enough for how much your yoga coaching helped especially in the first stages of labour, physically and mentally. You’re an inspiration and have helped me loads during my pregnancy and during the birth, thank you.”


“Thank you so much for everything you taught me at Yoga in preparation for the Birth. It was the most useful antenatal class I attended!”


“My husband credits the Yoga again for helping me to stay calm, focused and strong during labour. So thank you!”


“I honestly think your Yoga Classes helped me to have a natural and relatively calm birth experience that I’ll never forget. Thank you!”


We really can’t thank you enough for everything you taught us, and for reassuring me though my fears and worries. I feel it was because of this we had such an amazing, positive birth experience”.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start coming to the classes?
It is recommended to attend Ante-Natal Yoga after Week 14. This is usually the time when your nausea and fatigue subside.  If you wish to start sooner, and feel able to do so, please get in touch.  If you would like to wait till Week 14, but want to do something in the meantime at home, please check out the Blog Post and short Video Class for the First Trimester.

How long can I keep coming?
Most Mums continue with the classes right up to their due date.  I’ve even had a few mums keep coming up to 42 weeks!

What do I need to bring?
Please bring a Yoga or Exercise mat, a pillow and a blanket in Winter months. I have some spare mats that you can use if you don’t have one.  You may wish to bring some water/juice along aswell.

Occasionally we do a session using birthing/gym balls. These can be an invaluable tool for late pregnancy as well as labour.  I will let you know in plenty of time when we will be doing a Birthing Ball session, and I have some spare balls to borrow if you don’t have one.

Not Quite 14 Weeks yet?

 Here’s what you can do…….

1.  Check out my Blog Post on ‘How to Survive the First Trimester’

2.  Check out the video below for a simple First Trimester Yoga and Relaxation practice.

Changing the way we birth


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