Active Birth Guide


Active Birth Guide

An in-depth exploration of the Process of Labour and how to use tried and tested Active Birth Techniques for an easier, shorter birth. Includes positioning, massage, breathwork, relaxation and lots of birth wisdom. Additional access to audio downloads included. Full details below.



The 43 page PDF Guide and Birthing Breaths MP3  download goes into great detail to uncover the physiology of the birthing process, and how you can best approach it. If you are looking for a natural birth experience, and want to know all you can to help to birth more easily, this guide will be invaluable. I have been teaching pregnancy yoga and birth education for over 16 years, and have worked alongside our local Midwifery Led Unit for several years. I have helped hundreds of Mamas have successful, easy and natural births.


  • The Physiology of Labour
  • The Role of the Birth Partner
  • Stage 1 – Opening the Cervix
  • Stage 2 – Delivering your Baby
  • Stage 3 – Delivering the Placenta
  • Birthing Breaths
  • Massage Techniques for Pregnancy and Birth
  • The role of oxytocin
  • Labour Techniques – Stage 1
  • Delivery Techniques – Stage 2
  • Birth Plans
  • The Importance of Relaxation
  • Aftercare Advice


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