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So, what is Baby Yoga?  It’s a fun exercise session for both you and your Baby, consisting of gentle movements and stretches, lifts, holds and swings. It offers your baby physical and mental development and stimulation, through the combination of touching, handling, singing and stroking, which brings about a powerful multi-sensory experience.

The Post-Natal element of the Classes help to gently tone and strengthen those areas in need of attention after having your baby – you know where they are! Abs, Pelvic Floor and Upper Back and Shoulders receive a good workout in each session.  A perfect way to gently get back into appropriate exercise for your newly Post-Natal body.

As a new parent, you will learn to increase your confidence in actively handling and holding your baby.  The Yoga movements enhance the development of your Baby’s nervous system, whilst strengthening their muscles and spine.  It can help soothe an anxious baby, relieve colic and improve sleep patterns.  In a 20 minute session, your Baby will receive as much physical activity as they would normally in a full day.  This extra activity often leads to babies sleeping for longer and more deeply after a Yoga session.  Yes, they really do!

No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

Book your place on the next 6 Week Mother and Baby Yoga course here.  Please make sure you have completed the booking form on the Baby Classes page (unless you are booked onto a Baby Massage course – I will already have all your details).

If you attended the Baby Massage course, please get in touch with me for your discount code.

This fee is for the entire course and cannot be refunded part way through the course. If possible, you may be able to attend the next course to complete any missed sessions.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Up to 10 Days before the start of the course = FULL REFUND minus 10% admin fee
  2. Less than 10 days before the event = NO REFUNDS unless the workshop is full and I can fill your space from the waiting list, or in the case of serious injury/medical condition where you can provide a Doctor’s Note. In these cases, a 10% admin fee will be charged.
  3. In the event that the course is cancelled, a FULL refund will be given.
  4. You may be able to transfer your booking to the next course if a space is available.


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