What is Pregnancy Yoga?

Pregnancy, or Pre-Natal Yoga is a specialised yoga class for pregnant women. The physical postures (asanas) are modified from classical yoga, and some unique poses and movements are included which you won’t find in a regular class. There are some classical breathing techniques plus some very important Birthing Breaths. The classes follow the same structure as a general yoga class, but are dedicated for pregnancy – you don’t have to be an experienced Yogini to attend. These classes are very suitable for yoga beginners. Many Mums start their Yoga journey during these classes. Mama, Birth and Baby can offer you a gentle pregnancy fitness class which will maintain your health and well being right up to your due date.

What happens in a Pregnancy Yoga Class?

In the sessions, we will cover a variety of Breathwork techniques that can be useful for Labour, for lowering the Blood Pressure, calming and relaxing, energising and focusing. The Posture work will train your body to understand what position and movements you feel comfortable with and that you may wish to use during labour. There are gentle hip openers, back stretches, and standing postures for strength, balances and flowing sequences to improve the circulation. And lots of stretches to ease out hip pain, rib pain, cramp, backache, and lots more! The relaxation or meditation at the end of each session allows you to access deep reserves of energy and bring about a profound sense of calm. And there will be lots, and lots of information! There are specific sessions on:- working with birthing balls; breathing for labour; useful positions to adopt during labour; how to encourage your baby into the optimum position for labour; sacral massage; chair work and partner work. There is also the opportunity to book a Half Day Birthing Workshop with your Partner.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

As well as being a practical preparation for labour, and providing a gentle exercise regime, some of the common conditions of pregnancy may also be improved through regular practice of ante-natal yoga:-

Haemorrhoids Anxiety Oedema/swelling Breathlessness High Blood Pressure Varicose Veins Constipation Weak Bladder Rib Pain Lower Back Pain
Heartburn/indigestion Symphysis Pubis Disorder/Dysfunction (SPD) Sacro-iliac pain Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Low Blood Pressure/Dizziness Fatigue Cramp Insomnia Hip Pain

Class Content

In addition to regular Pregnancy Yoga stretching classes, we will also have specific sessions on the topics below:-


How to help your Baby into the best position for Birth


A range of techniques and why they are important


How to use them in Labour and also how to use them for a comfortable pregnancy


Practical techniques for an Active Labour. Specific movements and breaths for various stages.


Strengthening and stretching techniques to reduce hip pain and discourage or alleviate SPD.


Lots of stretches and techniques to prevent and alleviate pregnancy backache.


Successful stress-busting techniques and why it is important in pregnancy and birth.


Stretches for heartburn, shoulder/upper back pain and breathlesssness.


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