And so finally – the definitive Bloke’s Guide to Birth!

I heard the Author of this new book, Mark Harris, being interviewed on Radio 2 this Men, Love and Birthafternoon while I was driving back from teaching a class. He came across as being warm, honest and knowledgeable.

It was clear he was interested in helping Dads to help their wives/partners through their pregnancies, and also to give them useful tools and guidance to become awesome Birth Partners. He seemed to know what he was talking about – I guessed he had attended the births of his own children and wanted to share some insights.

As soon as I got home, I checked out his new book, and was really inspired to find out he was a MALE MIDWIFE! God Bless him! He also has 6 children. So clearly, he has some skills and wisdom to pass on to every hapless, scared and ill-prepared Dad-to-be out there. And after reading the glowing reviews on Amazon (every one a 5-star) I ordered my own copy. Can’t wait! Here are some of the reviews I came across………

“Ok so first things first: Mark Harris is awesome. Awesome and refreshing, awesome and informative oh and very very funny, if not a little fond of some deliciously grubby language!”

“I greedily consumed the contents of this book and enjoyed every word. I loved the writing style and especially liked the ‘conversations’ section between Mark and some dads-to-be. It felt real and honest and open. It felt like any regular (and not so regular) guy could pick it up and learn something about stuff to do with pregnancy, labour and birth (to be expected) but about the evolution of the human species and why we are what we are and do what we do.”

“I will be recommending this to any man of child bearing age.”

“I believe this to be a ‘bible for new dads’ !”

“I saw Mark Harris at a conference and he’s the real deal, part midwife part comedian, the guy who you want to be educating your guy about birth….. His book ‘Men, Love and Birth’ isn’t just just birthing for blokes – midwives, students, mothers, fathers everyone really, it’s required reading if you’re around women having babies!”

And here’s the kind of stuff he writes about.  He’s a big fan of Men doing whatever they can to keep a good and constant flow of OXYTOCIN flowing.  This is the hormone that is needed for birth, and it’s also the hormone that kicks in when we feel LOVE.  So he encourages his fellow Men to do lots of little things around the house, and importantly, to not seek out any reward for it, ie.

Wash the dishes without being asked.  Don’t expect and don’t ask for any acknowledgment.

Mend the garden fence, without being asked.  Don’t expect any reward.

Do a load of laundry, without being asked. And not expecting anything in return.

Don’t you just want your partner to read this book!

So there you have it.  If your husband or partner is feeling a little out of his depth, if he feels inadequate in his ability to support you, or if you would like to understand a little of what he is possibly going through, then this is the book for you.  If we want the men in our lives to step up when they step into the labour ward, then this is the book for them.

Click Here for a link to the Book

Let me know how you get on once you’ve read it.  Or let me know how your husband/partner got on after reading it!

Happy reading,